Advanced Certificate Programs

The School of Engineering's advanced certificate programs are designed for people who want to enhance their current knowledge base or develop an in-depth understanding of a practice or industry they want to transition into.

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Bioinformatics DNA

Bioinformatics, AC Online

If you strive to be an expert in bioinformatics, you need a thorough appreciation of biology, chemistry, and computer science. This online graduate certificate prepares you to join a talented cadre of creative specialists.


Construction Management, AC

Our Advanced Certificate in Construction Management program offers you a chance to conduct concentrated study in construction management to further your career.
On Campus


Executive Construction Management, AC

The School of Engineering's Advanced Certificate program in Executive Construction Management enables you to combine your longtime professional experience with structured coursework to elevate your career.
On Campus

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering, AC

The Advanced Certificate in Traffic Engineering program trains our students to properly design and manage our traffic systems.
On Campus

Transportation Planning

Transportation Planning, AC

Tandon's Advanced Certificate in Transportation Planning program takes advantage of being located in NYC, offering dynamic courses that emphasize professional practices at an advanced level.
On Campus