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With artificial intelligence (AI) rapidly moving into everyday life and being woven ...

Transportation Management


The Behavioral Urban Informatics, Logistics, and Transport Laboratory conducts research in the ...

Motherboard Chip

EnSuRe Research Group

Our research focuses on computer hardware, including electronic design automation (EDA) and ...

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Game Innovation Lab

The Game Innovation Lab brings together faculty and students from the School ...

Mechatronics and Robotics
Research Group

Mechatronics Laboratory

The Mechatronics Lab is a synergistic integration of mechanical engineering, control theory, computer science, and electronics to manage complexity, uncertainty, and communication in engineered systems.

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NYU Ability Project

The ABILITY Project is an interdisciplinary initiative dedicated to the study of ...

NYU Wireless Team


NYU WIRELESS is an innovative academic research center with a focus on ...

smart grid power lab

Power Lab

Unique in New York City, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ...

bone xray
Research Group

Video Lab

Research activities in the Video Lab deal with how to encode and distribute video among a large number of users with diverse network access links, computing power, and energy resources. Another focus area is in biomedical image processing and distribution. The lab collaborates extensively with other faculty members and graduate students in wireless communication and networking at the School of Engineering, and with medical schools in the surrounding area.